Yii form not validating

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The model can be either based upon an Active Record class, representing some data from the database, or a generic Model class (extending from yii\base\Model) to capture arbitrary input, for example a login form.In the above code, Active Form::begin() not only creates a form instance, but also marks the beginning of the form.

You can configure $form Selector to specify which form submission may trigger pjax. The next section Validating Input handles the validation of the submitted form data on the server-side as well as ajax and client-side validation.Please refer to individual class API documentation for details about these properties.By convention, this property represents the primary error message used when the most important validation condition is not met.yii\captcha\Captcha Validator, yii\validators\Boolean Validator, yii\validators\Compare Validator, yii\validators\Date Validator, yii\validators\Default Value Validator, yii\validators\Each Validator, yii\validators\Email Validator, yii\validators\Exist Validator, yii\validators\File Validator, yii\validators\Filter Validator, yii\validators\Image Validator, yii\validators\Inline Validator, yii\validators\Ip Validator, yii\validators\Number Validator, yii\validators\Range Validator, yii\validators\Regular Expression Validator, yii\validators\Required Validator, yii\validators\Safe Validator, yii\validators\String Validator, yii\validators\Unique Validator, yii\validators\Url Validator Validator is the base class for all validators.Child classes should override the validate Value() and/or validate Attribute() methods to provide the actual logic of performing data validation.

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For example, the name for the input field for the Tip: If you have only one model in a form and want to simplify the input names you may skip the array part by overriding the form Name() method of the model to return an empty string.