Yanni dating

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but min joon able to comeback although he will dissapear unexpectedly..

: D I like the whole package of this drama from the story plot down to the characters.

For example after everyone finds out that he is an alien, everyone acts like normal like its very common for any alien to live among us.

Anyways, I will be back to add more thoughts as this drama plays out, and hope to find some other good supporters of this drama.

I like this drama from the beginning, also before airing...


i hope they will be having another set of series or movie..

I got hooked from the first episode hehe :) great job !Popular just because it was full of famous hallyu actors and idols.It is doing so well in the first 2 episodes already!("Giving birth to music must fill that [parenting] need in me," the mustachioed one has said.) The couple say they expect their friendship "will always endure." Deep, to the end, deep.It is a fantasy story so it should have a very happy ending like the legend of the blue sea rather than leave us with a little bit disappointement.

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I really liked how Jun Ji Hyun dared to play Cheon Song Yi as an over-the-top narcisstic top star and still managed to make her approachable and lovely.

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