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As a two-year-old, Paradise sometimes kicked off the cups in the milking parlour.Paradise 2 did exactly the same.’In 2008, the US Food and Drug Administration decided to allow products from the offspring of clones to be sold for human consumption, but imposed a moratorium on meat and milk from the original clones.

Sea lamprey found their way into the Great Lakes in the mid-1800s by way of the Erie Canal (see Figure 1).1946 - An immature adult was caught in Lake Superior near Isle Royale, and an adult female was found on the eastern side of the lake.1948 - Four of Lake Superior's tributary streams were supporting spawning runs of sea lamprey.Cyagra, the world's leading agricultural cloning company, boasted in 2007 that it was so confident in the quality of the meat that staff ate cuts from the cloned cows slaughtered during the study.A report in an American newspaper said: 'The scientists sold cuts from the standard cows to a butcher and rented a meat locker to keep the rest.

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