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Lucky for you, this post won’t take three hours to read.Last week, Jim Jones was on Funk Flex’s show and was literally crying about his relationship with Cam’ron and rattling off all the things he did for Cam even when Cam “doubted him.” Capo said he was Cam’s everything, from hypeman to manager to security.Jim posted the following pic of him and Pudy at Pudy’s football game.While we love seeing him being a supportive father, it’s difficult to ignore how much Pudy looks like Cam’ron. He’ll probably mention this the next time him and Jim Jones have a disagreement.Pudie interrupts Mama Jones in the interview below.The person conducting the interview asks Mama Jones how old the rapper’s son was at the time and Mama Jones says that he was 8.

In 1989, Burma's name was formally changed to (The Union Of The Republic Of) Myanmar.

On episode 5 of Jim and Chrissy: Vow Or Never we meet Pudie, Jim Jones’ son.

Many of the rapper’s fans were unaware that he had any kids.

Included in this change was the decision to change the name of Rangoon (Burma’s largest city) to Yangon.

I'm gonna stick with "Rangoon" because I just like the word better.

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Although the rapper refers to Pudie as Chrissy’s son, she is not Jim Jones’ baby momma.