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On Wednesday, Porter resigned after two of his ex-wives publicly accused him of physical and emotional abuse.Sources later told CNN that Hicks was involved in crafting an official statement supporting Porter.The reports included photos of black eyes that Colbie Holderness, who was married to Porter for five years, said Porter gave her. He called the allegations "outrageous" and "simply false." Hicks reportedly helped craft a statement on Tuesday from the White House chief of staff, John Kelly, supporting Porter."Rob Porter is a man of true integrity and honor, and I can't say enough good things about him," Kelly's statement said."Trump, who otherwise seemed to treat Hicks in a protective and even paternal way, looked up and said, 'Why? You're the best piece of tail he'll ever have,'" Wolff wrote.In Lewandowski's book, "Let Trump Be Trump," he described Hicks as "smart and private, with a nearly photographic memory." Delgado and Miller, two high-profile Trump campaign staffers who were known for supporting the candidate in TV appearances, had a secret relationship during the campaign."He (a) impregnated (b) a subordinate (c) got her pregnant (d) while his own wife was six months pregnant." Trump's reported dalliances have been tabloid fodder for years.

Most recently, reports emerged last week that the White House communications director, Hope Hicks, was dating the secretary Rob Porter.Early in the presidential campaign, Hicks, then a spokeswoman for Trump, developed a reputation for having a more under-the-radar style than her frequently bombastic coworkers.One of the few public cracks in Hicks' facade was a public screaming match with Lewandowski in May 2016, the New York Post reported.Several people familiar with the relationship also told CNN the pair was dating.This week, the Daily Mail and The Intercept detailed allegations from Porter's two ex-wives that he was abusive during their relationships.

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While this relationship wasn't between two Trump staffers, Scaramucci's romantic life deserves an honorable mention — specifically, his rumored relationship with Guilfoyle.

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