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A lot of times it’s easy to show your life of what people can see, which is what’s shown on the outside.

A lot of times what’s on the inside is easy to hide, but with ‘King of Hearts’ it’s a lot of reflection into my life, into my love life, into the way I feel about certain topics, like love and heart-break.

I strip myself down to the core and I just bare my soul.

That’s what R&B is about – something that’s real, that people can feel.

While many of her fans especially men were dreaming about her, she surprised her fans by commencing her married life with her boyfriend of two years, hairdresser Craig Monk.

We have forever-sexy crooner Kenny Lattimore to thank for wedding favorites like "For You" and "This Time Is Forever." At 44, this man hasn't aged a bit since stepping onto the scene as a solo artist in 1996. After more than a decade spent on stage, Usher’s moves are so fluid we can’t tell when he’s popping and when he’s locking.

Now that he’s single once again, the line of fans waiting and wanting more is out the door.

It’s not what everyone is doing now, which is techno, which is okay.

I stay true to my roots.” About how the face of R&B has changed: “It’s good.

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I like confidence; confidence is the coolest thing a woman can wear. I think a woman that obviously has tattoos [is se– it’s usually about expressing yourself and individualism/individuality and I can respect that. I’m big on people being confident and comfortable in their own skin.” On the Arnold Schwarzenegger scandal: “You know I think that Arnold may be my father too (laughs). Maybe we should call him Schwarze-Negro.” On Oprah leaving day-time television: “She is a great example of making something out of nothing and what the American Dream is all about and she really, truly defines hard work, dedication and sacrifice…