Who is kendra from real housewives dating

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Who is kendra from real housewives dating

I wish him well." Seriously, how could this happen!?While we're happy to see the reality star taking the high road, how did the discerning Kenya not realize this terrible truth earlier? I am astounded and devastated to have learned of this news VIA social media as opposed to from him directly. Obviously, Moore is devastated by the news and she shared her frustrations on Instagram, writing: was married a week after the show aired.“It’s unbelievable to me.” She added, “This is self-reflection of herself.

“I haven’t talked to my brother through these last two years,” Kendra said in an on-camera interview, “so it really sucks that I had to see my brother these last couple days when my grandmother was in the hospital.

While Wilkinson unexpectedly admitted that her husband’s infidelity pushed her to reconnect with her long-estranged father, she would eventually accuse her mother Patti of “sell[ing] my tears to the tabloids.” Repairing a Marriage , which the reality star credits for saving their relationship. In an exclusive interview for PEOPLE, Madison, 36, admitted that she was living in constant fear during her residency at the Mansion with former boyfriend Hugh Hefner.

“I was trying to sell this image of ‘Oh everything is so great here,’ but I was miserable inside,” she said.

I do wish that me and my brother had a reunion under better circumstances.” She added, “I must say that everything that me and my brother have gone through went out the window.

He really stepped up and he really became a true man.

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] Umm, how did this major detail slip past Patti Stanger?!