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This match marked the debut of Cody and Goldust as a tag team and their victory over Reigns and Rollins led to an immediate return of their jobs.However, after almost eight months, they were disbanded at Payback due to the number of times Cody and Goldust lost.A lot of their sole purpose is to make their man comfortable, which I believe is a very southern thing, because it's something that I can't do it. It is a lot to learn, and unique, but it is commonplace here in Atlanta where the man takes care of things and the woman becomes a homemaker, and later on in the relationship, a mother, which isn't the things that I ever considered.I think Cody thought that I would want that for my life since he grew up in that, but that is just not me.To me, it was a big change because we moved to Atlanta, which I had never lived there before, and didn't have many friends.Some of my career goals and what I was trying to do, he didn't really understand that.It just naturally happened, and it was one of those things where we were on the road all the time.

To me, it was a big change because we moved to Atlanta, which I had never lived there before, and didn’t have many friends.

The tag team was formed when Cody was fired from the WWE after losing to Randy Orton in a match prompted by Cody's questioning of the company's chief operating officer Triple H's authority.

The following week, Goldust fought Orton in an attempt to have Cody rehired, but was also fired after he lost.

Cody suddenly returned to revive the tag team in June 2014 on Raw under his new gimmick as "Stardust". The first being in October 2013 after they captured the title in a no disqualification match against The Shield (Reigns and Rollins) with help from Big Show on Raw as Cody Rhodes and Goldust, and on 21 September 2014 when they defeated The Usos at the Night of Champions event as Gold and Stardust.

He was then given the character of Goldust, a somewhat spooky and mysterious persona with sexually suggestive mannerisms, later nicknamed "The Bizarre One".

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He was in Japan, he’s here, and there, so we caught him for how much that we could.

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