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I think that they were probably just buddy buddy hanging out.” Either way, imagine being such a super fan you get to be buddy buddy with Axl Rose!

The Guns N' Roses reunion didn't happen by chance or whatever.

GNR guitarist DJ Ashba, however, told : “I don’t think they are dating.

Axl is a really cool dude and he likes hanging out with cool people.

And recorded a song called ‘Guns and Roses’ , released in 2014, the track is a mournful ballad about a heavy metal boyfriend (“he loved guns and roses”) who slipped through Lana’s fingers.

“I wasn’t the marrying kind,” Lana sighs, “but I should have done it anyway.” At this stage, Lana might as well tattoo her forehead with the words “AXL RULES OK”.

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So it made it okay for guys to feel, and to let some of it out someway."He Brought Back "Coma" for Slash ...