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For improving user experience on mobile devices, we created powerful free Joomla Mobile Menu module - a multi-level push menu, with many options, allowing to change color styles, select menu items, icons, images etc.

An advanced version of this module is JF Mobile Menu Pro - more solid mobile module, with multiple animation styles and with an option to work as a simple vertical Joomla menu module.

All seminars offered by BVL Seminare reflect the current scientific and practical state of knowledge and experience in the fields of logistics and foreign trade and fulfil the highest quality standards desired.

BVL Campus combines an assortment of different educational opportunities in the field of logistics.

Template admin panel has a Font Picker feature, where you can select any Google font, or install your own local one.

Joom Forest themes also support Font Awesome icons - scalable vector icons that can instantly be customized.

It provides the ability to use the links for the You Tube and Vimeo videos and provides enjoyment of watching them in those awesome lightboxes.

Some of our free Joomla templates are built on Bootstrap elements, where are included special features of Bootstrap.

Advanced elements and layout controls provide faster and easier development of Joomla sites.Our themes have admin-side feature - layout manager, an easy-to-use drag-n-drop manager, which gives you ability breeze to create template's layouts.Also, they have Layout Presets feature, where you can easily and quickly select and edit pre-made layouts for your site.You can quickly match any section color scheme to your website's design.Our free Joomla themes support RTL (right to the left) layout orientation, which should be the perfect choice for languages such as Arabic, Persian, Hebrew, and Urdu.

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