Validating guid

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Validating guid

Kee Pass can clear the clipboard automatically some time after the user has copied one of their passwords into it.

Kee Pass features a protection against clipboard monitors (other applications won't get notifications that the clipboard content has been changed) and it has a paste-once functionality: allow only one paste operation, after pasting, the clipboard is cleared automatically by Kee Pass.

Kee Pass encrypts the database with the or symmetric ciphers.

AES is the default option, and Twofish is available in 1.x, but is not available in version 2.x.

However, a separate plugin provides Twofish as an encryption algorithm.

Beginning with version 2.35 cipher is also available. Complete with encryption and a decent password generator – not to mention plugins for Chrome and Firefox – Kee Pass Password Safe just might be the best password management system out there.

The latter was removed in 2.x due to incompatibility and insufficient effectiveness.

The auto-type functionality works with all windows, and consequently with all browsers.

Passwords are protected in memory while Kee Pass is running.

On Windows Vista and later versions, passwords are encrypted in process memory using Windows , which allows storing the key for memory protection in a secure, non-swappable memory area.

On previous Windows systems, Kee Pass falls back to using the cipher with a temporary, random session key.

Further, Kee Pass tracks the creation time, modification time, last access time, and expiration time of each password stored.

Files can be attached and stored with a password record, or text notes can be entered with the password details.

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If both methods are used, then both must be present to access the password database.