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Validating guid

The Kee Form extension allows users to open websites with and and fill in user details automatically.

For Internet Explorer, there's also a browser integration available. There are various plugins available on the Kee Pass homepage (import/export from/to various other formats, database backup, integration and automation, etc.).

By default, the Kee Pass database is stored on a local (as opposed to ).

The author makes several claims regarding the security of the control and its resistance to password revealing utilities; however, the author does not cite or make any references to any third-party testing of the control to corroborate the claims of its security.

The latter was removed in 2.x due to incompatibility and insufficient effectiveness.

The auto-type functionality works with all windows, and consequently with all browsers.

It can use a two-channel auto-type obfuscation feature to offer additional protection against .

Passwords stored by this application can be further divided into manageable groups. Groups can be further divided into subgroups in a tree-like organization.

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The XML output can be used in other applications and re-imported into Kee Pass using a plugin.