Uspc dating codes

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Uspc dating codes

DATING PLAYING CARDS The following material, designed to assist collectors in dating their U. Museum in Cincinnati, in their quarterly bulletin “Clear The Decks” in April 1991.“At first tax stamps on cards would seem an ideal way of pinpointing the date of manufacture of cards.Sometime ago I found some excellent information on collecting playing cards.While the site still exists, it has some outdated java script running on it and it prompts users to update their java.With Faults – A deck in one of the good to as issued categories, but with a serious fault like a missing or damaged card or a damaged, incomplete or missing box. Many collectors have introduced variations into their cataloging, e.g. In addition, it has become popular to describe the condition of a deck’s box as OB1 (basically mint), OB2 (some damage but complete) or OB3 (quite heavily damaged and/or some portion missing).Nonetheless, use of the above descriptions and a careful notation of anything that is missing will provide an appropriate listing for cataloguing or selling purposes.A system we use to describe decks of playing cards is as follows: As issued – a complete deck, in mint condition, with all cards, jokers and extra cards contained in the original packaging when first distributed for sale.

For example, while re-examining our American cards in the process of cataloging the USPC collection, a Samuel Hart deck was discovered dated 1868.

) in 1910, showing a possible 40 year lapse between its manufacture and its distribution!

While the dates given in the tax chart appearing below are generally accurate, additional information is necessary to use the chart effectively.

Two of these are essentially American clubs, albeit with many overseas members; 52 Joker, a club for deck collectors with an emphasis on American cards and The Chicago Playing Card Collectors’ Club which caters to both deck and single card collectors.

In Europe there are a number of clubs and England is the home of the International Playing Card Society, a group with members from around the world, whose main emphasis is on education and research into the history and use of playing cards.

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It bore a 5 cent tax stamp (1872-83) covered over by a smaller 2 cent stamp (1894-1917).

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