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Counseling, support, and methadone medication made a big difference in Steven's life.And the benefits extended to far more than just himself.Her self-esteem had been hammered for years, often by family, but mostly by her own inner voice.

His anxiety was constant, and he had been diagnosed with clinical depression. He began to get a grip on his life, and a new focus.

Making a substantial salary, saving money, and moving up within the company.

Franklin has met numerous challenges over the years and grown personally in so many ways. Real Life 4: Steven is in his thirties and now in a methadone program.

Fast forward 6 years, Barry worked successfully through all phases in his methadone treatment clinic.

Along the way, he maintained steady employment, joined a church, resumed parenting of his child, and achieved take home medication status. Today, he is well respected, employed with a great company in a job he loves, and in a unique position to help others understand that recovery is real & change is possible.

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