Updating to mac os x

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Updating to mac os x

My old mac running on snow leopard 10.6.8 had some files that i needed.

I couldn’t remember the password to my main or admin account, so I tried resetting the password to the main account.

Just continue with this process and do not choose the option to transfer or migrate information to the Mac.

Once you’re done, log in with your new admin account and go to System Preferences Accounts.

The third method of resetting your Mac’s password requires some additional explanation.

Rather than simply changing the password like the previous two methods do, this one fools the operating system into believing it has never been started before.

I got to step 8, and after that, the first time I wrote sudo reboot. I have forgotten my administrator password on an old Mac Book Pro running on Snow Leopard OS X 10.6.9.

You’ll lose everything in the Keychain, but you’ll now be able to start fresh and add new ones. running os 10.6.8 I get to step 6 and the response is “Is command not found” I tried it all twice, the second time leaving out the optional step 3. I hadn’t used the Mac Book Pro in several years, had to “trick it” into thinking it had NOT been set up, but it seems to be stuck.

Important Note: This tutorial was written for Mac OS X 10.4, 10.5 and 10.6.

Please check out the updated version of this post if you’re trying to reset the password on a Mac running 10.7 Lion or 10.8 Mountain Lion.

Before you go thinking that Mac OS X has a severe vulnerability that makes it less secure than other operating systems, think again.

Anyone with physical access to your machine (whether it is Windows, Linux, or Mac) can eventually find a way in if they know what they’re doing.

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