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When working with data that could be corrupted by concurrent modifications, such as incremental counters, you can use a transaction operation.

You give this operation two arguments: an update function and an optional completion callback.

Our tbl Properties table stores that main Property related details, including the path to the image stored in a folder on our PC.This method is triggered once when the listener is attached and again every time the data, including children, changes.The event callback is passed a snapshot containing all data at that location, including child data.Using a Java object also typically makes your code more readable and easier to maintain.For example, if you have an app with a basic user profile, your in this way overwrites data at the specified location, including any child nodes.

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The table includes the following fields: We have locked the Photo field in the form, so to add an image to the form we need to click on the "Add Image" button.

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