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Is the heat in the celebrity-chef kitchen getting a little too hot for Martha Stewart?The New York Post's Page Six, which would never print rumor or innuendo, reports that Martha may have sent spies to infiltrate a taping of cooking rival Rachel Ray's new show.If you look closely at the scoring from last night, Bruno has the white pin on his lapel even as he raises a measly score of "3" for Tucker. Dear Friends, We’re writing to tell you about a remarkable candidate in a very special nationwide election this month. (Willie Geist, "Tucker" senior producer) It is the stated policy of this show not to negotiate with known terrorist organizations, but today we make an exception for the “Claymates”. The Claymates were apparently not pleased with our coverage yesterday of Aiken’s appointment to a position in the Bush administration.It was a guerrilla promotional tactic, but all is fair in love and celebrity dance competitions. Between the two of us, we have spent more than half a century advising contenders for higher office. In various chat rooms, members of the group blasted Tucker and me for our treatment of their hero.In that time we’ve seen the good, the bad, and the merely forgettable. We’re not saying that’s necessarily good, just that we’ve never seen anyone like him. They seemed most angry that we showed this video of Aiken with his old hairstyle.

Now in return, I call on the leadership of “Claymates” to stop the jihad against Tucker. Labor Day would come and go, and then the heavy hitters would swing mightily in hopes of influencing the will of American voters. The contest is in sight, and the republic’s mightiest political voices have joined the fray.We already knew Rosie O'Donnell frightened small children, but it looks like she's got the Republican party scared to death too.The Republican National Committee's official website has an entire page titled, "Dems' Rosie View On War on Terror." It lists some of the things Rosie has said on "The View" about "The War on Terror" and then shows all the Democratic candidates she has given money to.A Post source says a group of Martha's staffers was booted from the "Rachel Ray" studio because they lied about who they were.A spokesman for Stewart says the group was asked to leave the taping, but not because of any wrongdoing.

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