Transits men dating

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Transits men dating

We don’t need our relationship to bring us status or even acceptance because we are doing the work for ourselves.

These realizations leave the door wide open for us to embrace and enjoy those relationships that just fit, regardless of how they are seen by the outside world.

The concerns of Venus are the way that we express our feminine sides and the things that we desire - also, the strength of our desire.

As our understanding of feminine nature and the psychology of desire changes through the centuries, we would expect our understanding of Venutian energy to evolve as well.

A series of Venus eclipses has been evolving through the first 15 degrees of Gemini and Sagittarius since 60 AD to raise our awareness of what it is we want and what we think about what other people want. Venus transits across the face of the Sun are periodic events that are quite rare. The NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center, of Maryland, USA, remarks of these occurences: Venus transits the Sun either 105.5 years or 121.5 years later at the opposite node of Venus' orbit than the last time.

For instance, note the "missing" transits of 1388, 1145, 0902, 0659, 0416, etc.During this time, we are more likely to follow our hearts, do what we want, act spontaneously, and just not a give a damn about anyone’s opinion but our own.It’s a path towards self-acceptance, growth and authenticity, which can’t be rushed.This article is adapted from work presented on Nancy R.Fenn's website: It's all about the cultivation of desire and the journey from red roses to lilies. There will be a follow-up transit on June 6, 2012, then no more for another century.

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But what does this mean for your zodiac sign's horoscope?