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Theuniversityofdating com

And FYI, Dee has been featured on the Today Show as part of their “Finding Love After 40” series. The most effective flirting always includes a smile and eye contact.

She shares hundreds of tips, ideas, stories and antidotes to make the 45 dating experience fabulous. One of the good things about getting older is that you “have less to lose” and “much less to learn the hard way.” You won’t always do it right, but who cares. No more excuses about who you are and what you have done. Effective flirting is simply a way to let people know that you noticed them and want to get to know them. Flirting is a fun activity that everyone should engage in from time to time and thoroughly enjoy.

Guiding her readers through the entire process of being single and facing a potential date, Dating 101 emphasizes that a date is merely a date, noting that many Americans over forty-five are single, discusses the overwhelming presence of players in modern day, shows how to get back into the dating game, teaches how to make dating effective and fun, and provides an intelligent approach to finding just the right person.

A "must read" for single men and women seeking to have a viable social life, Dating 101 is very strongly recommended reading, especially for those who are dissatisfied with their "single-hood status" and are losing out in the dating game.

It's a backstage pass to info on jobs and life at 50 .

Gen Plus, headed by Janet Wendy Spiegel, is dedicated to baby boomers and the plus generation of age 50 and older.

You won’t find a happy person unless you become happy first. Commit to living each day with an open heart, and to enjoy the second half of your life.

Guiding readers through a thoroughly documented history of lighting and towers ranging from the Eiffel Tower and its search lights, to the remarkable Washington Monument (the worlds tallest masonry structure unsupported by steel), The Electric Mirror On The Pharos Lighthouse And Other Ancient Lighting provides readers with an engaging and unique compendium of specialized information.

Horowitz is a remarkable guide to the constructive fundamentals of life.

Offering readers an informative perspective on such issues as the "Perfect Circle of Sound" and how the Creator is using it to promote healing for the self in loving service; proof of a "Love frequency" and how to use it; evidence that DNA microscopically mirrors the double helix wave form of the cosmos; the "Miracle frequency" for manifesting matter, and so much more, Walk On Water knowledgeably compiles a complete and thorough explanation of the many phenomenal intricacies of life, and also addresses the profoundly simple meaning of life for optimal and active living.

Walk On Water is very highly recommended for anyone searching for a comprehensive and complete guide to the holistic perception of life, love, divinity, the universe.

On A Planet Sailing West Linda Clarke Blue Candle Adventures 2790 Countryside Boulevard, #1, Clearwater, FL 33761 0976802902 .00 A Planet Sailing West: The First Book Of Ravings by environmentalist, yogi, professor of philosophy and educator Linda Clarke is a superbly presented and descriptive narrative inquiry into the "nature of nature".

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Read up and speak out on issues affecting your future: jobs, income, life and respect.