The golden rules of online dating

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The golden rules of online dating

Instead, we are left to wonder if she really intends to let him back into her heart, as she still, at this late stage, suggests he is being selfish.She still seems overly guarded and has, ironically, proven to be less mentally changed than Do-Kyung in the end, after all they experienced.When she revealed the wooden figure of Do-Kyung from her purse while at the airport, I took that as proof she cared about him and wished to keep him, in some form, close to her.

Secretly, I also wanted to see the two confirm their future together. Good job to writer, director, all cast and crew for a wonderful drama.

Seeing so much crying, episode after episode, on the screen, after having experienced that personally in real life was quite a bit to be asked to experience once again.

Ji-An was always portrayed as strong and sensible throughout this series, and yet, when the time arrived for her to be at her most sensible and strongest mental state, during the time between the grandfather's revelation and her father's demise, she showed incredibly little character growth.

The cast was amazing and delivered memorable performances, easily making this one of the best Korean dramas I have seen.

Overall, it was a great drama and I am glad I watched it. I just saw the last episode (52), and I did enjoy most of this drama.

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Granted Ji An was kind of a jerk at times and she was the weakest character in the drama IMO, still I think it wrapped up fine after all.