The golden rules of online dating

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They had, I thought, an especially powerful lifetime which could realistically represent "love conquers all," and that Ji-An could find inspiration in her father's example of helping Do-Kyung's family and finding forgiveness and closure for all.But, as of Episode 52, we are asked to believe Ji-An is still emotionally withholding herself from Do-Kyung and working (despite having received substantial financial assistance from her father) as a waitress in a bar in Finland while continuing her studies there.For now, though, we are left to imagine Ji-An eventually lets her guard down and finds it possible to freely and unguardedly love Do-Kyung again. I have not seen anything quite like this in American television during my lifetime. I was waiting the entire weekend thinking that there will be ep 53&54 as final episodes... You have been very consistent in every way...thank you! There are so many ways the drama could have ended - depending on each viewer's perspective of who was right or wrong, what should he/she do, all opinions being coloured by their own life experiences and beliefs.I only wish such a reasonably happy ending could have been revealed on the screen and Ji-An's emotional journey could have found some meaningful peace and happiness in a visible way we could have shared with her, at this closing chapter. I want to see more from these writers, from this ensemble. What a touching show , I really enjoyed it wish it would have lasted longer . Excellent casting , wasn’t sure at first where it was going but very happy with the ending . This being so, the writer could never have written a perfect ending.I expected her love for Do-Kyung to win out over any justifiable grudge she might have held against his family.I believe it was reasonable, after all their shared experiences, to expect her, over time, to soften emotionally and allow her relationship with Do-Kyung to continue, given all they had overcome to reach that point.

Secretly, I also wanted to see the two confirm their future together. Good job to writer, director, all cast and crew for a wonderful drama. Granted Ji An was kind of a jerk at times and she was the weakest character in the drama IMO, still I think it wrapped up fine after all. The ending wasn't near as bad as they led me to believe.When she revealed the wooden figure of Do-Kyung from her purse while at the airport, I took that as proof she cared about him and wished to keep him, in some form, close to her.That meant she spent time carving his likeness, which was near perfect, presumably fashioned from very strong memories (since she did not have her own phone and likely no access to any photos they might have taken in the past).

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Seeing so much crying, episode after episode, on the screen, after having experienced that personally in real life was quite a bit to be asked to experience once again.

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