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Thanks to autocorrect, the gap between whim and word is narrower than it's ever been, and our world is awash in easily rendered thought.As someone who typed the entire first draft of his book on a phone, I want to shake the hand of the person responsible for this heedlessness, to meet the man who taught machines to draw sense from our maniacal tapping.

He flipped open a perfect-bound manuscript to a page he'd marked, with a table that showed when they added , for example, isn't a misspelling—just about every dictionary lists it as an acceptable alternative.On one side were the people who wanted adornments and frills—improved desktop publishing, color separation, and the like.On the other side was the functionality gang, with whom Hachamovitch threw in his lot.In later Word releases, another list itemized changes that ought to be made to problematic homophone phrases.Word should always, for example, change For our meeting, Hachamovitch dug up a stack of historical documents like that list, files that had languished for 20 years in office moves, making their way eventually to his basement.

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