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The walk shall end likely somewhere at Sixth Avenue where a variety of cuisine awaits! Covered walking shoes that would not skid is highly recommended, but not new shoes as some parts might be sloshy. In my particular case after I dropped her off I also needed to go to the store.

This interesting trek with lush greenery all the way is not “our norm walk in the park”. Money is the boss but the semi pros really make for a good time. Just how the culture is set up here and many other places. Oh and I also have a contact here that will bring girls to you to make it easier for you. I have been coming here for some time now and have a nice little roster that I update frequently. SD is not Sosua but you can get a hell of good time if you have a roster. Because even though they will act like they want something serious and they may even like you or be attracted to you, they want the money at the end of the day. I'm an ass man and the girls in the photos have nice ass but they have better breast so I thought I share them. To me it is a better place to get a semi pro or a girl acting like she is not a pro LOL.IF you do not wish your legs to itch, come in long pants, longer socks & insects repellent; walk light with only the necessities. Our Walk Team ECs: Charles Wee, Veronica Wong, Mary Tan, Azhari Cuttilan, Linda Chua and I, Christin A Chan,,,,, signing off!

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Do you really think that how you source your hos makes a difference? I'm sitting on my balcony in La Esperilla eating fruit, drinking coffee, and smoking a nice cigar as I type this. Hi, Left Guyana at 14.30 hours on copa flight it was on time.