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The temple in its current form was built by Tiurmalai Nayakar and is known all over the world for its thousand pillared hall which is considered to be an architectural and engineering marvel.Thirumalai Nayakar Mahal Built in the Indo-Sarsenic style, this national monument leaves visitors speechless.Locally developed scripts such as Grantha and Pallava script induced the development of many native scripts such as Khmer, Javanese Kawi script, Baybayin and Thai.Tamil visual art is dominated by stylised Temple architecture in major centres and the productions of images of deities in stone and bronze.

It provides space for innovative and progressive academic practices with a vision to rise above the mundane, and to make a difference in the field of education. Miller Memorial Library holds to its credit 1,38,814 books, 106 print journals, newspapers & periodicals and 3828 e-journals.

Tamils were noted for their martial, religious and mercantile activities beyond their native borders.

Pandyas and Cholas were historically active in Sri Lanka.

Jasmine flowers of the city are exported all over the world, earning a good revenue.

The pace of industrial development in Madurai has also increased, resulting in a large number of job opportunities in Madurai.

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