Taiwan coin dating

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Taiwan coin dating

The Thai Numerals The symbols that the Thai language uses to represent the numbers 0 through 9 are known as Thai numerals and are based on older symbols known as Khmer numerals.Below is a chart showing the Thai numerals that represent the Western Arabic numerals 0 through 9: To translate Thai numbers, you just replace the Thai symbols with their Western Arabic equivalents (there is no calculation involved, unlike Japanese numbers).

The coins of the Chinese provinces didn't have a date as we understand it as a period of time elapsed since a moment defined as a time zero.Some more recent Thai coins include the denomination in Arabic numerals (note the "10" on the right-most coin).Thai Dates Once you can translate the Thai numbers, converting the date on Thai coins to the Common Era (e.g.Please remember that the beginning of the year in the Chinese cyclical calendar does not coincide with one in the Gregorian calendar; neither does it depend on any of the dates of the Gregorian calendar.To be more precise, the beginning of the Chinese New Year depends on the arrival of the new moon.

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Kwang Hsu (also spelled as Kuang-hsü or Guangxu) was the last but one emperor of the Qing Dynasty.

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