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In my company’s opinion, brands need to get away from the business of having to store and manage credit card data and put it into the hands of experts.

Snowden was given access to sensitive content that he shouldn’t have had access to for the purpose of carrying out his tasks. Somewhere along the line, the security and governance protocols broke down within the NSA and Snowden was able to access and take sensitive data.

The problem will only grow if government agencies and businesses use the same security and governance protocols as they go to the cloud or use a hybrid (cloud and on premises) model.

The challenge for government and business is to use the tools that Share Point and other vendors provide to pro-actively establish, monitor and enforce security protocols and to limit internal access to sensitive content.

To get a better picture of the current state of enterprise data protection and data loss prevention we interviewed data security experts on what matters most when securing sensitive data.

To do this, we asked 34 data security experts to answer this question:"What's the #1 biggest mistake companies make when it comes to securing sensitive data?

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There are three essential parts to proper protection of sensitive data.

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