Symantec endpoint protection 12 clients not updating

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There is also a user education dimension to this problem - users need to understand the sensitivity of the data they work with and their role in keeping it safe.

In many cases, this involves educating users about what to do.

In Snowden’s case, he copied gigabytes of data to thumb drives with little challenge.

He also co-authored two books on the subject of security, holds four patents and has four published invention disclosures.

The best way to secure sensitive data is to do the basics well (like blocking and tackling in football).

Understand what is sensitive in your data, set rules for handling it, implement technical controls to ensure it is actually handled properly, and educate your users about their role in keeping it safe.

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The problem will only grow if government agencies and businesses use the same security and governance protocols as they go to the cloud or use a hybrid (cloud and on premises) model.