Six arab chat tybe

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Six arab chat tybe

She was an Egyptian singer, songwriter, and an actress She is known as "the Star of the East".

More than three decades after her death, she is still recognized as the Arab world's most famous and distinguished singer of the 20th century.

A typical improvisatory technique of hers was to repeat a single phrase or sentence of a song's lyrics over and over, subtly altering the emotive emphasis and intensity each time to bring her audiences into a euphoric and ecstatic state, and was considered to "have never sung a line the same way twice".

Thus, the official recorded length of a song such as Enta Omri (You Are My Life) is approximately 60 minutes.

However, she waited until 1923 before accepting the invitation.

She gave her last concert at the Palace of the Nile in 1973.has taken me from a never ever typist to a workable level.I feel that I improve every day, it's been a great boost in my daily business.El Kasabji introduced Oumm Koulthoum to the Arabian Theatre Palace, where she would experience her first real public success.In 1932, her fame increased to the point where she embarked upon a large tour of the Middle East, touring cities as Damascus, Baghdad, Beirut, and Tripoli.

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