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Single pastor dating

But, it wasn’t until my second year of pastoring that I became aware of my loneliness. While sitting in the second chair shielded me from the full burden of the weight of ministry, I still shouldered a great share of the responsibility.

On the other hand, possible interests avoid us because of the lack of privacy and scrutiny we receive.Congregational triangles like these are a detriment to non-biased decision-making and impact the work of ministry overall.To avoid that, I chose to entertain dating relationships with people who were not within the worship community I served and had little ties to it.Single pastors must consider their dating pool and make a decision that is true to their beliefs.For me, that meant limiting congregational influence on my dating life.

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In my experience, when I’ve disclosed my line of work, the person I dated became uncomfortable with the idea of dyeing in relationship with a pastor or used me as a sounding board for theological query.

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