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Various toys and special butthole tools such as anal beads can be inserted in the ass to give pleasure and loosen the rectum muscles to avoid pain during anal penetration.Other forms of booty fucking are fingering, licking and pegging (a woman fucking a man in the ass with a strap-on dildo) of the anus.They’re no longer waiting for sex to be done them; they are making it happen for them in ways that not only get them off but empower them.Like with anything in excess, some women can develop addictive habits around watching porn, and I caution anyone experiencing this to reach out and get help.There are many resources available for people with sexual addictions, and porn addiction is a very real issue in relationships.

Both men and women can get pleasure from ass fucking due to the anus having abundance of nerve endings.

I also asked the women to choose their top two reasons for watching these movies.

The large majority (82%) said they watch porn to masturbate, which speaks to the arousing stimulation watching people have sex provides.

Approximately 13 million women check out at least one porn site per month, according to Nielsen ratings.

“Porn provides an alternative way for women to satisfy their curiosity, learn more about sexuality, and explore sexual desires and sexual positions in the privacy of their home alone or with a partner,” says Ta Mara Campbell.

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No matter the scene or the kink, there are other women out there enjoying the view just the same and getting off.