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The Danny Thomas Show (called Make Room for Daddy for its first three seasons) is an American sitcom which ran from 1953 to 1957 on ABC and from 1957 to 1964 on CBS.

Episodes regularly featured music by Danny Thomas, guest stars and occasionally other cast members as part of the plot.

Hans Conried had frequent guest appearances as Danny's eccentric Lebanese "Uncle Tonoose".Thomas was upset with her for leaving, and felt the show would not last without her. At the start of the fourth season, the series title was changed to The Danny Thomas Show.Both Thomas and producer Sheldon Leonard were faced with a serious dilemma—how to explain Hagen's absence.To have "Danny" and "Margaret" divorce in that era would have been unacceptable to television audiences, so it was explained that Margaret suddenly had died off-screen.It was a risky move because until this time, no character on a TV situation comedy had died.

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In the last two seasons, with Thomas and Lord tired of their roles, Danny and Kathy both regularly traveled, and for much of the tenth season they toured Europe (with a handful of episodes featuring location footage).

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