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The bill’s proponents say that the only thing it does is prevent foreign countries from demanding American companies boycott Israel as a precondition to doing business there.

Related study: Sci-Hub Provides Access To Nearly All Scholarly Literature.At the same time, we are more pragmatic and consequentialist than our utopian and deontological libertarian counterparts…We believe free markets and commercial capitalism are the tools of social justice, rather than the enemy.” Tengrism, the religion of Genghis Khan and other steppe nomads, is making a comeback in Central Asian republics looking for a suitably nationalist alternative to Islam.Andrew Gelman takes on James Heckman; read the comments for some good debate around Perry-Preschool-style interventions. Make sure to spin it around to get the full 3-D effect.This is the first graph I’ve seen that manages to combine two dimensions of space plus two extra variables in a really good instantly-readable way.

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Volokh Conspiracy: Israel Anti-Boycott Does Not Violate Free Speech.