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But I do feel that, as you don't have school aged children yet, there may be some factors you haven't considered.Firstly, you may be willing to drive across town, but it may be an issue socially.Also, be careful about how much weight you give to academic results. And yes, it's wise to be wary of a school with terrible results.But don't choose one good school over another because of results.There seems to be more 'good' boys schools than there are girls schools that begin in Prep, so I feel like finding one near by won't be as tough.OP, I don't in any way want to criticise your decision making.Hi All, I was wanting current or recent (last five years) opinions on the three schools listed below for primary schooling.

I live in one of the most Catholic parts of Brisbane and know a lot of families with ties to All Hallows (but my girls won't be going there).If you are in catchment, you might consider public for primary and then switch to private.By then, you'll have a better idea of your children, how they learn, their strengths (sporty, musical, academic) etc and which school would be the best fit for them. None of those schools are academically as good as All Hallows.As PP have said - location is a big factor - as is siblings (St Aidans siblings often go to BBC) For us - the decision making process was different - disappointment with the State option at the time my eldest was starting and the most appalling school tour ...meant we needed to find a better option without moving house :-) PM me if you have any other questions.

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My job isn't 9-5 so I'm happy to spend the time travelling.

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