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This was really tough for us and to tell you the truth, we had a really hard time adjusting!

When they were little, it was easy to keep tabs on them but once they started wanted more freedom to explore the world, we worried about them all the time!

After learning about software that could track my phone, the solution that became clear to us was that we should buy them both new cell phones.

During my research, I learned about a way to set up a program on their phones that would make it possible for us to use GPS to easily track their whereabouts.

Here’s why I became so interested in finding the ideal free phone tracker app.

Our kids always wanted to be somewhere other than home.

I’ve done a tremendous amount of research and testing on the various software applications that use GPS technology to track cell phones and I’m very excited to share the knowledge that I’ve accumulated with you here at

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I’m very excited to welcome you to my website on free cell phone tracker applications today.