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A player can't connect tiles even if the tiles are placed very closer if it takes more than three moves to connect these tiles.

If you are playing Mahjong Connect on a personal computer or any other electronic gaming device, usually, there will be a timer feature and in order to win the game, you should finish it within the given timeframe.

Compared to the traditional version of Mahjong, this game features almost all tiles from the full Mahjong set (Seasons, Dragon, Flowers etc.) In Mahjong Connect, the player's movements are limited and he has to make connects within this limited moves.

Similarly Mahjong Connect is also associated with the original game but has its own rules that make the game different from the original version, yet maintaining the characteristics of parent game.

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In addition, many Chinese (and later other Asian groups as well) also came to Hawai'i as contract laborers to work in sugarcane plantations.

The player can click on any matching tile that is placed on the same row and this helps in the advancement of the game.

In other cases a player can connect tiles only if he can make the connecting move within 3 steps.

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