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Sedating a toddler while sick

Although it has not been extensively studied in children, it has been used in little ones (including under two) for decades.

It's sedating, though, and I would definitely get her doctor's opinion before using it.

Kaiser recommends an MRI but he would need to have full anesthesia. We have had a number of experiences with the Oakland Kaiser pediatric anesthesia department, all of them excellent.

Has any parent experienced pediatric anesthesia through Kaiser? They just told us to book the appointment and consult with our pediatrician. One of the first was when my son (four years old at the time) needed an MRI.

Naturally, we wanted to speak to the pediatric anesthesiologist first and make sure the correct dosage was given before the MRI? Here's what I can tell you: A pediatric anesthesiologist (Dr.

Has any parent had an MRI for their young child at Kaiser? Ken Zuckerman in this case) was there to answer our questions ahead of time and to monitor my son throughout the procedure.

The anesthesiologist explained everything as it was happening (it's a little scary to watch them go under), and became my liaison and the person I knew was watching over my child.

I can't easily stop taking them to their grandparents place, but you wouldn't believe how many places puke can get in a car seat.

If the other adult drives more slowly, that will help.

If your direct route is particularly winding, you can try a slightly longer one with fewer turns if that's possible.

(The Mayo Clinic seemed to have the most well-rounded advice.) The other common advice that related to your particular situation was letting in some air, but I'm guessing you've tried that one already.

As with almost all issues related to children, a one-size-fits-all solution doesn't seem to exist, but maybe these ideas will help you and your daughter.

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For the CT scan we had another pediatric anesthesiologist who was outstanding. He stayed with him after, walking us up to and staying with my son in the recovery area.