Sedating a puppy for air travel

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Sedating a puppy for air travel

So, if you’re positive and carefree about the experience, those feelings will rub off on him and put him more at ease.

To give him some extra comfort during the flight, as long as rules allow, include a familiar toy or blanket with the smells from home inside his carrier.

Not only is it often required, but it’s wise as a responsible pet owner to get your dog checked out by a licensed veterinarian and current on all vaccinations prior to travel.

That’s why at Puppy Spot, before any puppy ships home, we require our breeders to have a vet perform a comprehensive, nose-to-tail health exam.

A full water bowl will spill or cause unnecessary messes and excessive urination during flight.

Give you and your pup plenty of time to get situated and address any issues with TSA well ahead of departure.Warning: sprintf() expects at least 1 parameter, 0 given in /home/wp_r3zcif/ line 69 Flying your dog on an airplane can seem worrisome, but rest assured that hundreds of thousands of pets fly every year, and the number of pet-related incidents is extremely low relative to the large amount of pets traveling in the great blue sky.Whether flying in-cabin as carry-on or flying in cargo (both safe and comfortable options), we’ve outlined the key steps you can take for safely and responsibly flying your dog.Plenty of exercise will afford your dog the opportunity to burn off excess energy and therefore, rest easier during the flight.Stay Calm and Give Your Pup The Comforts of Home Remember, your dog feeds off of your energy.

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