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Seattle dating blog paige

When I was 7 months pregnant my Dad got diagnosed with cancer, he finished his last chemo treatment the day my son was born and died right after my son turned 1. You may have heard of this condition if you are or have ever been pregnant.

A couple months later I was pregnant with number 2. Honestly, Fit4Mom has truly been a blessing and changed my life for the awesome. Diastasis Recti is defined as the medial separation of the abdominal wall due to overstretching of the linea alba.

But I guess “love” is enough to bring and keep two entirely different people together.

In our 11 and a half years of relationship, our son Ivaan is the best thing that has happened to us...I have a pretty multicultural family!

This can include pregnancy as well as chronic poor posture, chronic breath holding, chronic constipation, frequent coughing, muscle imbalance such as with overactive outer abdominals and atrophy of the inner abdominals, long pushing..I’m originally from Tacoma and attended the University of Washington where I met my husband in the dorms freshman year.

We’re pretty nice people, so please say hi if you ever see us!

The amount of patience I have for my son since day 1. Since we have added two kids, Finley (4) and Teagan (2). I met my husband on a study abroad program in Sydney eons ago.

My dad is a retired banker and my mom is a retired teacher.

I have an elder sister who’s married, is a teacher, has a 14 year old son and lives in the same city as my parents in West Bengal, India.

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We have a two year old daughter named Olivia who is bright, and funny and the best thing we ever did.

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