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It’s not like I have a choice being single at 40 anyway.” — “Hum, another Jonny Goodtimes sent me a message on the dating website.

I always prioritize men whose profile pics show them with a beer in their hand. ” — “So, you’re 35 and you just admitted to me you spend 2 hours a day playing video games. ” — “Cyber-stalking potential dates, an unpaid part time job of the single person.” — “If you want me to think you’re a winner, go ahead and talk about yourself the entire dinner. You’re far more interesting.” — “Singles don’t have to share the “Pringles”.

Maybe I should just stick with the frogs.” — “If I have to spend one more evening browsing singles websites of arrogant people who take horrible looking selfies I may just have to resort to virtually dating an avatar.” — “Fiction: Dating web site says I like to work out.

Reality: I pretend taking the stairs at work is the same as using gym equipment to justify my fib.” — “Sure, I can overlook the fact that you have three kids and a crazy ex, no problem.

Single women in minimum wage jobs love to spring an extra 500 bucks for an unflattering ugly dress.

So bring it out in the open, and cite instances when you got hurt by the things he said.

What if he starts doing it around my friends or his friends? Hi Miss J, Guys get rude, or sarcastic, at times simply to hide their insecurities or hurt.

Sometimes men try to stamp their dominance by acting in a rude manner, whenever they feel that their authority is being questioned or threatened.

“Yup, just another Friday, me and the cats.” — “Dinner for one is tons of fun! ” — “Am I supposed to feel a void because I haven’t popped any kids out?

I think you put enough photos on facebook of yours to make up for my single childless status.

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If you see him continue his behavior rampantly, even after you clarified your sentiments about it, then it surely implies a lack of affection, or caring, on his part.