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💯#Buffy Slays20 #Buffy Reunion 📷: @jameswhitefoto for EW A post shared by Entertainment Weekly (@entertainmentweekly) on The star was joined on set by; Alyson Hannigan (bisexual best friend Willow); Nicholas Brendon (devoted Xander); Michelle Tratchenberg (Dawn); Amber Benson (Willow’s love and wiccan Tara); Kristine Sutherland (Joyce Summers); Seth Green (werewolf rocker Oz); Charisma Carpenter (Cordelia); Emma Caulfield (Anya); and Joss Wheadon, the show’s creator. It's @sarahmgellar and I'm taking over EW's Instagram feed to show you behind-the-scenes photos from our #Buffy The Vampire Slayer cover shoot!Here we are with #Joss Whedon, the man responsible for starting all this 20 plus years ago.She told the magazine: “You ultimately hope to do something that resonates, you know? “And I think for all of us here, we have been a part of something that’s bigger than us, that still holds up and it’s all you can ever really hope for.” The Scooby gang is back together for the first time in more than a decade, #buffythevampireslayer fans!🙌🏼Click the link in our bio to see even more exclusive portraits of the cast!In the season three finale 'Graduation Day', Buffy and Faith share a coma dream in which Faith cryptically says: "Little Miss Muffet, counting down to 730".At this time, Buffy had two years (730 days) left to live.

Freddie Prinze Jr, Sarah Michelle Gellar's Scooby Doo co-star and future husband, was originally set to play Dracula in season five opener 'Buffy vs Dracula'.21.

Next it's Buffy and Cordelia in 'Reptile Boy', and they end up getting almost date raped by a creepy frat boy who's actually a reptile demon. Buffy gets turned into a rat for a large portion of the Xander-centric season two episode 'Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered', because Sarah Michelle Gellar needed time off during production in order to film her first appearance on 16.

Sarah Michelle Gellar and Alyson Hannigan are the only two actors who appeared in all 144 episodes of the show – Nicholas Brendon doesn't appear in season seven's 'Conversations With Dead People'.17.

He did so by writing an elaborate metaphorical story set in a medieval kingdom, in which he cast himself as a humble knight, Whedon as the corrupt king, and Gellar as a spoiled princess.

You can read the entire baffling thing, along with Whedon's response, here.5.

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When James Marsters initially auditioned for Spike, he played the part with a Texan accent, but the producers felt that cockney was more fitting for his backstory.23.