Sanaya irani and barun sobti dating

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Sanaya irani and barun sobti dating

Since we got an opportunity and the interview has received mixed responses, here are a few words about the segment itself.

The set of questions posed are just random, bizzare and out of context questions, posed only to get reactions out of the person sitting on the opposite side.

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Barun: (bangs his fist to the table with a melodramatic thud ) says OH CRAP !! Now lot of girls, when things go wrong they have the tendency to throw it around a little.

(And laughs)Sanaya: (smiling) First impression of Barun was, that he is some guy from America who doesn’t know what he is doing here and wanted to act And I was like Oh My God ! When I first met her, she goes - can you do that , can you do this? and later after knowing her now , IT STILL HASN’T CHANGED!! No, honestly what I thought of her was that she is a good actor.

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