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When you get to the spot, drive into the red marker and Sweet will demonstrate how to tag over enemy gang's signs.

He'll tell you there are two more tags to hit, and they will appear as green dots on the map. One is on the front of the greenish building, and the other is in the alley behind the buildings, on one of the low walls.

Your homies will warn you against stopping the car. Once you have finished killing fools around the block, head down near the bridge and ice those blips.

Follow the car as it weaves through the streets, and make sure you don't get out in front of it.

Using your newly-acquired Louisville Slugger, go to town on the crack dealers inside.

When they all fall, get back in your ride and cruise back to Sweet's house.

When it's over, grab the Bat and get back in your car.

Head over to the yellow marker indicated on the map. Walk on to the yellow marker to go inside the Crack Den.

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