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If possible, grab one of the weapons they drop to finish the job. When they all die, you'll be prompted to get back into the car (if you aren't already). Be careful, though… you might be dogged by other gang cars.If you take too much damage, your ride will catch fire and explode, and the mission will fail.When it's over, grab the Bat and get back in your car.Head over to the yellow marker indicated on the map. Walk on to the yellow marker to go inside the Crack Den.Once you deliver the other homies to Sweet's house, you'll need to take Smoke to his. Note: Right around this time, if you've been following the missions, you will get a cell call from Sweet, who tells you about the gym.This will be represented by a red dumbbell on the map. Use the weight machines here to build up muscle and work toward your "gangsta physique." Select a machine and follow the onscreen directions to build your mass.Ideally, you want to roll right next to it so your guys can spray shots into the car as you move down the street.Be careful on corners that you aren't going too fast and overshoot your mark.

It's time to get some guns, to help settle the score. As always, follow the yellow blip on the map and park on the red marker. Once it's done, you will have an opportunity to test out some of his firearms.Using your newly-acquired Louisville Slugger, go to town on the crack dealers inside.When they all fall, get back in your ride and cruise back to Sweet's house.Your homies will warn you against stopping the car. Once you have finished killing fools around the block, head down near the bridge and ice those blips.If it screeches to a halt, so will your mission, so keep rolling. When that's done, your warning level will go to two stars, and the cops will be on your case.

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Roll around the corner and follow the map to the first red marker. Follow the yellow marker back to the 'hood and pilot your vehicle into the Pay N' Spray there.

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