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The SDO_Geometry type is offered by Oracle using two primary options: Arc GIS supports SDO_Geometry as an optional method to store spatial data.Specifically, Oracle Spatial or Locator geometry can be used to store and manage the feature and raster contents of datasets within enterprise geodatabases or Oracle databases.

The SDO_Geometry type in geodatabases supports single and multipart point, line, and area geometry.

ST_Geometry's subclasses are divided into two categories: the base geometry subclasses and the homogeneous collection subclasses.

The base geometries include ST_Point, ST_Line String, and ST_Polygon, while the homogeneous collections include ST_Multi Point, ST_Multi Line String, and ST_Multi Polygon.

The second column lists the data types (if any) map to the Arc GIS data type when you view a table that you created outside Arc GIS.

The last column provides additional information when needed.

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Oracle geometry validation routines do not implement precisely the same set of rules as the Arc GIS geometry validation.

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