Role of parents in christian dating

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Catholics know godmothers and godfathers are neither grantors of all our wishes nor organized-crime bosses, Disney and Hollywood depictions notwithstanding.

But the role of godparents has gotten a little muddy in recent generations. That's a shame, because the godparent relationship can be one of spiritual support, encouragement, and mentoring--not to mention friendship."I find the meaning of this relationship to be mostly forgotten today, and that's too bad," says Donald Williams of Calistoga, Calif.

"I remember being welcomed into my godmother's home regardless of what she was doing or how disruptive my visit may have been," say Carol Thee of Hackensack, N. "My godmother was at every major event of my life," remembers a Massachusetts reader.

"She always introduced me to others as 'my godchild.' She was very proud of that." According to readers, godparents are most often taught by example.

Respondents also say they learned generosity, family loyalty, and trust in God.

Although godparents should try to be more than just annual gift-givers, it's also true that parents often fail to choose their child's godparents wisely, opting instead to placate family members or to honor friends--people who may or may not have much religious commitment.

What to look for A godparent should be a person of deep faith, prayer, and spirituality, according to a consensus of readers.

Their function after baptism is to serve as proxies for the parents if they are unable or fail to provide for the child's religious training.

Survey respondents overwhelmingly agree that the biggest mistake parents make when choosing godparents is selecting family members out of a sense of obligation or to honor them, without considering the person's faith or church involvement.

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"Too often they become only gift-givers and not faith-sharers," said one reader from Missouri.