Resolution mandating

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Resolution mandating

Microsoft will provide this guidance in other documents at a later date. Table 1: Windows operating systems Note In this specification, most requirements that apply to Windows 10 Mobile also apply to Windows 10 Mobile Enterprise .Any additional requirements or exceptions are explicitly called out where applicable.The SD 3.0 specification is backward compatible with SD 2.0.

The UFS must use a 4K sector size and be configured with a minimum 512 KB Replay Protected Memory Block (RPMB).

Devices that run Windows 10 Mobile must include sufficient free space in the system and user partitions for future updates of OEM-owned components.

For more information, see the Windows 10 Partner Documentation when it is available.

The layout of the flash system store is specified by Microsoft and the So C vendor.

OEMs must not add partitions or remove partitions from this layout.

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For additional component requirements that may also apply, see Section 6.

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