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Read sex chats between boys and girls

With boys, changes include the cracking and then deepening of the voice, and the growth of facial hair.And just as with girls, if your son is an early bloomer, he may feel awkward or like he's the subject of stares from his classmates.Girls may begin puberty as early as second or third grade, and it can be upsetting if your daughter is the first one to get a training bra, for example.She may feel alone and awkward or like all eyes are on her in the school locker room.It usually disappears, often within a few months to a couple of years.As with all of the changes in puberty, periods come at different times for different girls.Some of the most common questions are: Girls may notice small, sometimes tender lumps beneath their nipples as their breasts are beginning to develop. The firmness and tenderness will go away in time as the breasts continue to enlarge. Reassure your daughter that, big or small, all breasts are beautiful.

When talking to kids about puberty, it's important to be reassuring.By the time kids are 8 years old, they should know what physical and emotional changes are associated with puberty.That may seem young, but consider this: some girls are wearing training bras by then and some boys' voices begin to change just a few years later.Some boys experience temporary breast growth during puberty.The condition, called gynecomastia, is caused by changing hormone levels during puberty.

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Since the toddler years, kids have questions and most of your discussions probably come about as the result of your child's inquiries.