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It is commonly felt that if all the points lie on a straight line, this is a good indication that the above assumptions are correct.For example, see The Age of the Earth, a book written by G.For example, Sr does not mean that it is a product of decay that accumulated since the rock hardened.It could just as easily have been left in the melt, possibly from previous decay. The standard way for rubidium-strontium dating, samarium-neodymium dating, lutetium-hafnium dating, potassium-calcium dating, and uranium-lead dating, to name a few dating methods, is to assume isotopic homogenization, or complete mixing.It is concluded that there is at present a potentially viable explanation for isochron "ages" that does not require significant amounts of time that may be superior to the standard long-age explanation, and that short-age creationists need not uncritically accept the standard long-age interpretation of radiometric dates.This paper attempts to accomplish two objectives: First, to explain what isochron dating is and how it is done, and second, to provide an analysis of how reliable it is.However, it is not clear exactly when that happened.Whether it happened during a Flood can be reasonably questioned.

An explanation of the method and its rationale are given.

108-109), "For all practical purposes, the only way to move the isotopic compositions of samples from one isochron to another is by either radioactive decay through time or complete isotopic rehomogenization. Thus the isochron method is self-checking, providing not only the prospect of an age but also a statement on its validity." However, this confident statement is an overstatement. Rock 1 contains p1 parent, d1 daughter, and r1 reference isotope (in the case of rubidium-strontium dating, p is Sr).

Points that fall on an isochron, therefore, can confidently be interpreted as indicating the time of last isotopic homogenization, i. There is a process which can routinely give a straight line on an isochron plot, while having essentially nothing to do with time. If two rocks are mixed in varying proportions, and the Sr ratio, the result is always a straight line. Rock 2 contains p2 parent, d2 daughter, and r2 reference isotope (all of these are concentrations).

In order for a change in the decay constant to be helpful to a creationist arguing for a short age for fossiliferous strata, the decay constant would have to change during the Flood.

However, this would mean that the radioactive elements inside the bodies of Noah, his family, the animals in the ark, and whatever animals survived outside the ark were spared from the otherwise general increase in radioactive decay, or that their bodies proved resistant to the effects of the increased radioactivity.

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In fact, it is technically impossible, as it would have to be done at the beginning of the time period in question, and obviously for the time periods we are considering that was never done. In some cases the last formula is assumed to be enough.

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