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After a while, it occurred to me that the materials thus collected might serve as a PREFA CE.

The impulse thus given to the study of the play led to my continuing to devote attention to it, after taking my degree, and to my including it from time to time, in and after 1869, among the subjects of my College lectures.

THE BACCHAE OF EURIPIDES WITH CRf TICAL AND EXPLANATORY NOTES AND WITH NUMEROUS ILLUSTRATIONS FROM WORKS OF ANCIENT ART BY JOHN EDWIN SANDYS, M. FELLOW AND TUTOR OF ST JOHN'S COLLEGE, AND PUBLIC ORATOR IN THE UNIVERSITY OF CAMBRIDGE. To do this, and to get the explanatory notes into type, was the holiday-task which I set myself for the summer vacation of I879, the claims of University and College duties in term-time rendering it otherwise nearly impossible to prepare a work like the present, which, limited as it may seem in compass, has involved a not inconsiderable amount of labour, even apart from what appears on the surface. Outline of the Bacchae, with some account of its representation on the stage.

In the course of last year, however, finding myself attracted once more to my original purpose, I set to work afresh, and devoted the summer of that year to recasting, or rather, entirely rewriting, the notes which I had already prepared, and also to reducing into some sort of order the materials collected for the remainder.


Formerly Z in I1r Tin Z's Cabinet 'Scenes from the tragedy of Pentheus.

Indeed, it could hardly have been undertaken at all, but for the existence of that excellent institution, the University Long Vacation,-an institution against which a few bold hands have been lately lifted, but which nevertheless, in the PREFA CE.

nii form in which we are familiar with it in the Colleges of Cambridge, where residence under due limitations is allowed but not enforced, has a value, for teachers and learners alike, which it would be difficult to overestimate.

In the explanatory notes, a number of adversaria by R. Under the new scheme for the Classical Tripos, one of the special subjects in which students will be able henceforth to obtain distinction, after taking honours in pure scholarship, is Classical Archaeology, including ancient art and mythology, with certain prescribed portions of the wide province of topography and antiquities; and provision is already being made by Professorial and other teaching for the due instruction of students vi PREF v A CE. Thus any Cambridge scholar who in future years undertakes a work similar to the present will happily be able to start with the advantage of a systematic study of ancient art which has only to a limited extent fallen to the lot of the present editor. Anderson, the skilful artist and engraver engaged in the establishment of Messrs R. A full description has been given, not only of all the thirty-two illustrations here selected (with an indication in each instance of the source from which it is derived); but also of other works of art connected with the play, which though not included in this selection, nevertheless deserve particular attention for their archaeological interest. My endeavour throughout has been to supply, in a convenient and comprehensive form, a kind of handbook to the criticism, interpretation and archaeological illustration of the play, which should be interesting and instructive to the student, whether at School or College, and also to some extent useful to the more advanced scholar. The short introductory essays with which the volume opens, include a sketch of the closing years of the poet, and some account of the points of interest whether in mythology or in art, in dramatic or in textual criticism, which are connected with this, perhaps, his latest work. cxlviii) are here figured and described for the first time. For placing in my hands the originals of both of these, I have the pleasure of thanking the Reverend S.

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Further, I have, as far as possible, gone on the principle of quoting parallel passages in full, instead of contenting myself with a bare reference, considering the former course not only more convenient to the reader, but also fairer in every way, as by this means any argument that rests upon a quotation can at once have its due weight assigned to it,-neither less nor more. A few suggestions of my own, which I venture to submit to the judgment of scholars, will be found in the notes on the following lines: I26, 135, 147, 209, 251, 278, 327, 550, 1002, I008, 1157, I207, I365. of Oxford and Cambridge respectively, for indicating several of the subjects suitable to my purpose, among the treasures of art entrusted to his keeping in the British Museum: and to the Reverend C. King, Senior Fellow of Trinity, for allowing me to consult him on the particular province of ancient art in which he is a recognised master.

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