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Quiet sexy hookups

So be super careful if you plan on getting busy with bae in a place where other people can see.

Still, we’re open to doing something different, so after conducting some research, we found some crazy places real couples have had sex, and we had to share.

Maybe it's being sweaty or just watching cute guys workout that really gets you hot and bothered.

It's normal if being at the gym turns you on, because some people have actually had sex in a gym's locker room.

This guy shares his experience having sex in a locker room. Source: i Stock Being a part of the mile high club is a serious goal for many people.

and you probably never even thought of a few of them.

If you’re planning on having sex in a public place, the more creative you are, the better.

Source: i Stock Having sex on a hammock is as difficult as you would expect it to be.

Just sitting on a hammock with it swinging side to side is hard, so I would imagine sex on a hammock being very challenging.

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If you thought having sex with bae in the backseat of his car was spontaneous, think again.