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Elizabeth has great goals but, needs help upon release from prison.She is looking for donations in order to survive the outside world of prison to keep her freedom.Jazmyne ‘s father passed away when she was just 4 years old.She has been living with my mother for the past 8 years.I have no home to go to and I am willing to relocate for my happiness; so please be serious in your response. I’m looking for an honest man, to love me, be real, enjoy life with me, hold me at night, when I have nightmares of this place, never give up on me and most important believe in me.

In some of her numerous social media posts over the last few years, she has documented a few of the instances in which she was caught in possession of drugs, making her time behind bars much more unpleasant.Elizabeth is to be released next year and she needs your help so she can survive and start her new life. Just .00 will help this young lady start her new life with her daughter.Your donation will help Elizabeth keep her freedom!Scott’s profile still indicates he is in a relationship with Lizzie, but it doesn’t appear that he is very active on the site.OK, so we have learned that Lizzie has been a “model prisoner” in the literal sense of the word, in as far as she is a prisoner and seems to spend a lot of time modeling, but she has been anything but a model prisoner in the traditional sense of the term.

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Most of them are purportedly to raise money so that her oldest daughter Jazmyne can go to college.

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