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He said he couldnt deal with it etc, etc:i am obviously going ahead with the pregnancy because its what i/we wanted. i mean i know im a good mother and able to bring my children up alone, but the companionship side of it? " because it's what i/we wanted." Hmmmmmm from you own statement..not's a U...furthermore, a child NEEDS both parents...a kid needs a mom and dad..really do! take care of your kids...have decided to be a parent so be a parent...the best parent you can be.

most men dont want to raise a child that is not theirs or deal with the drama that comes with ready for that..

I understand that you need a night out just as much as the rest of us but for now, you would be wiser to surround yourself with people you know have your best interests at heart.

Make those evenings off times with friends and family who will be supportive of you during this transitional time.

But while the show doubtless would love to sell suggestive encounters, these women’s real focus is less on the exotic pleasures of dating while pregnant than on the pressure of being pregnant and single.They all want someone to share what’s coming, though they couch it in different terms.Shana, for instance, says she isn’t married because she has “commitment-phobia.” Now, with the biggest commitment of her life about to arrive, that may feel like a luxury.See How Easy It Is for Pregnant Dating Service to Connect You with Pregnant Singles in Your Area, Singles Who Want to Pair Up and Date Once More!It's FREE to Join - Hurry up and Become a Member of Our Pregnant Dating Service!

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These are five women — Kiesha, Melissa, Megan, Shana and Rachel — who are pregnant and not going to marry the Baby Daddy.