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The Halaf settlements yielded a long pottery sequence and circular buildings with some rectangular antechambers on cobbled streets. The site appears to have been a specialized artisan village making the fine .

In addition to the painted polychrome wares, other finds include steatite pendants and small stone discs with incised designs, probably early stamp seals.

The scheme became progressively elaborated by dividing the was inserted between New Stone and Bronze.

The Ages are only developmental stages and some areas skipped one or more of the stages.

There also was an abundance of free-standing statues.

Its important sites Tayanat (Neolithic-Chalcolithic), Atchana ( to Hittite), and Antioch (Hellenistic and Roman).

The technique can only be used to determine whether one type of artifact is earlier or later than another; it cannot show length of time between two.

This type of seriation, when combined with CATEGORY: chronology DEFINITION: The valley in France which was one of the first places where the great antiquity of man was recognized, and which includes the type-site of the Acheulian (St. -- based on the main type of material used in tools of the period. Thomsen in 1819 as a means of classifying the collections in the National Museum of Denmark.

SYNONYMS OR RELATED TERMS: chronostratigraphic scale CATEGORY: artifact DEFINITION: A time scale in which the sequence of geologic-time units and their corresponding time-rock divisions ( chronostratigraphic units) are defined by standard and internationally agreed reference points within boundary stratotypes.

CATEGORY: chronology DEFINITION: A series of periods of time in the history of a particular culture, each characterized by recognizably different material remains.

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This is a consequence of contact between cultures, usually with one being dominant, and is a process by which a group takes on the lifeways, institutions, and technology of another group.

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