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Annabeth's dad, Frederick Chase, met Athena, the goddess of wisdom and strategy while he was studying history at Harvard.Athena helped him get through his studies and consequently, they fell in love.Eventually, they ran into Grover, a satyr, who took them to camp, but took some wrong turns on the way.One of these was into a Cyclops lair, and everyone but Annabeth was captured.

They traveled many places together until they were brought to camp by Grover, a satyr .Title Daughter of Athena Architect of Olympus Head Counselor of Athena Cabin Vital Statistics Gender Female Family Athena (mother), Frederick Chase (father), Mrs.Chase (step-mother), Joe Chase (Twin Brother), Matthew Chase (paternal half-brother), Bobby Chase (paternal half-brother), Malcolm (maternal half-brother)Daedalus (maternal half-brother) Status Alive Eye Color Gray Hair Color Dark Brown Height 5'9" Other Affiliation Olympians Weapons Annabeth's Yankees cap (enables invisibility)Annabeth's Knife Species Demigod Home San Francisco/Camp Half-Blood Greek/Roman form None Appearances The Lightning Thief (Film) The Sea of Monsters The Titan's Curse The Battle of the Labyrinth The Demigod Files The Last Olympian The Lost Hero Actor Alexandra Daddario Quests Quest for the Master Bolt(film) Quest for the Golden Fleece Quest for Artemis Quest for Daedalus Annabeth Chase (Άνναμπεθ Τσέις in Greek) is one of the main protagonists in the first Camp Half-Blood series.Shortly after in 1993, as a gift to Frederick, Athena sent him Annabeth, who was considered a "brain child" like all other children of Athena.Annabeth appeared in a golden cradle carried down from Olympus by Zephyrus, the west wind.

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She never wanted to go back home and considers Camp Half-Blood her home since she has lived there for most of her life, starting from seven years old. Annabeth was hiding under a sheet of corrugated iron in Richmond Ironworks in the same alley Thalia Grace and Luke Castellan were hiding in.